Saturday, November 2, 2013

Here we go again! YAY!!! I have been ready to adopt again for quite some time, but God had not opened the doors for that to happen - not until now! I was sent a video about a little girl who is turning 14 in February. Annie and I watched the video and Annie said "that is my sister...". So, why not?! Right? At the piont in which she turns 14, she would be moved to an institution and would no longer adoptable. Can you imagine? Think about it... it's your 14th birthday, a day that others celebrate with cake, ice-cream, friends, games/activiites, but not for's the day when you get moved to a place you've never been, left with people you've never met, and you are told that this is where you'll be until you die...that you will never have a mom or dad?! I can't bear the thought! These are words that I am praying that my precious Jada (whom I'm plannin on naming Ava Monet) will never hear! The race is on! Homestudy update is complete and I am applying for USCIS approval on Monday! Please pray that they expedite the process! It typically takes 90 days to get approval...I need approval in 30! After I send in the USCIS application, I will contact senators and local reps. to put them on stand-by, in case I need their help with USCIS. And, I'll be working on my dossier. As you can see, this doesn't leave much time for fundraising. But, I need to fundraise. So, I have 2 fundraisers that I will be doing very soon! I am excited about them! They are fun family projects that I think others will greatly enjoy! So, that is it! I'm looking forward to you meeting my girl!


  1. Hi! I just found your blog - my sister is your friend Jill DiNola. She had told me about your family back when you were adopting Max. He is precious. I remember seeing Jada on a waiting list at some point - she is absolutely adorable and I am so excited she will get a family - your family! Wonderful news. God bless you as you go through the process. We adopted from China in March - you will love your trip - you will be treated to tours and beautiful hotels while there. Julie

    1. YES! Hi! I was looking for you on facebook, but didn't know which sister of Jill's was the one who adopted. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your encouragement! This has been a very different experience than adopting Max! It's all so fast because of everything having to be expedited. I am so excited to bring this "full of personality" cherub into our family! I am so ready for her to be here! And so ready for the fundraising to be over! I am so bad at it, yet need to do it....I just don't have an extra $40k. Anyway, please keep in touch! I am so glad that you contacted me!! As I get closer to travel, I'm sure I'll have a million questions....